Master Bitumen All Weather Roofing Waterproofing Compound 25 litre

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Product Code: 9WEAT02500
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Master Bitumen All Weather Roofing Waterproofing Compound


ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND is a heavy duty, solvent based bituminous roof coating, compounded with fillers and fibres. It is of a brushable consistency


ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND is an effective, general purpose roof coating. It is resistant to wash off by rain almost immediately after application and is therefore particularly suited to winter use. ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND may be applied by brush or spray to waterproof and reseal many different types of roof covering, including:
• Asphalt roofs
• Concrete roof decks • Slates & tiles
• Built-up felt roofs
• Asbestos cement sheeting
• Metal sheeting, including iron, steel, zinc & lead

ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND may be used in conjunction with a rot-proof hessian reinforcement scrim or glass fibre scrim.

ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND may also be used as a Vapour Barrier.

The product is not suitable for use in silage pits.

Specific Gravity 1.05-1.15
Solids Content 55%
Flash Point 38oC
Application Thickness:200 – 400 microns (2/3 coats)
Service Temperature:-10 to +75°C

Brushable consistency or with spray equipment. Good waterproofing properties
Tough, fibre reinforced for strength.

coverage: 1.0 – 1.5 m per litre per coat. Normally a two coat application.

ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND is available in 5,25 litres



Roof surfaces to be coated should be dry, sound, stable and free from loose debris, dirt, dust and grease. All traces of algae and fungi must be physically removed and the area then treated with FUNGICIDAL WASH.
All cracked, broken, slipped or missing slates, tiles, sheets or other forms of covering should be replaced or re-fixed and cracks in felt or asphalt filled.
Correct preparation is essential for the successful application of coatings such as ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND.
Surface Preparation
On asphalt roofs where blisters have occurred, these should be heated with a blowlamp until soft and then smoothed out. If the asphalt is crumbling or badly cracked it should be replaced.
ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND is applied by brush in 2 coats, the first being allowed to dry before the second is applied.

Built-Up Felt Roofs:
Remove any loose chippings and carry out preparatory work as detailed above. Minor marks and defects will be effectively filled and covered by the ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND coating but where these are wider than 0.75mm they should first be filled with MASTERBUILD’S BITUMEN MASTIC and the mastic allowed to dry.
Blisters in roofing felt should be opened out, cleaned with a stiff bristled brush and coated with ALL
WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND at 1.5m per litre. The coating should be allowed to set until it is tacky and then the felt re-fixed by nailing it down.

Reinforced Concrete:
Carry out preparatory work. If the deck is new it should first be allowed to cure and then primed
using MASTERBUILD’S BITUMEN PRIMER at 6 – 8 m per litre.

Lightweight Concrete:
Carry out preparatory work. Allow the structure to cure. A glass fibre felt underlay (complying with BS747 Part 2 : 1970 Class 3B) should be partially bonded to the surface using MASTERBUILD’S FELT ADHESIVE. The felt should be lapped, sealed and adequate ventilation provided for the materials beneath it. ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND and a glass membrane should then be applied.

Asbestos-Cement Sheeting
Carry out preparatory work. It is particularly important to ensure that the Asbestos-Cement is not saturated with water before protective coating commences. Wait until the sheeting is dry and then apply one coat of MASTERBUILD’S BITUMEN PRIMER. Allow the primer to dry and then apply 2 two coats of ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND each at 1m per litre, allowing the first coat to dry before application of the second.

Metal Surfaces:
Any rust on the surface should be removed by wire brushing and then treating the metal with an
appropriate rust inhibitor such as MASTERBUILD’S PAINTS RED OXIDE PRIMER. ALL
WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND is then applied in 2 coats at 1.5m per litre per coat. Slates and Tiles:
Carry out preparatory work and re-fix any loose or damaged slates or tiles. Apply ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND incorporating a fibreglass membrane.

Application of Reinforcing Membranes:
Use of a reinforcing membrane is recommended in all cases where roofs are in a poor condition, in order to bridge cracks and fissured and provide a long lasting repair.

Having prepared the surface apply a first coat of ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND at 1m per litre and immediately roll in the glass fibre membrane ensuring it is well embedded into the coating without trapping air.
The membrane should be lapped by 50 – 75mm and the inside of each lap painted with ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND. Small gaps and differences in levels should be bridged ensuring that the membrane is not stretched too tight to allow for structural movement.At walls and parapets, continue the membrane vertically for at least 150mm and secure using self adhesive 150mm wide flashbanding, allowing 75mm to be in contact with the brickwork above. Apply a second coat of ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND and allow this to dry.

Final Treatment:
For maximum durability the top surface should be treated with either stone chippings or a solar
reflective finish to avoid an exposed black bituminous surface, Using ALL WEATHER ROOFING
COMPOUND, a third and final coat should be applied at 1.5m per litre and while still tacky the film is blinded with 1 – 2mm stone chippings. Alternatively the final ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND coating should be allowed to weather for 2 – 4 weeks and then a solar reflective coating applied using MASTERBUILD’s SOLAR REFLECTIVE PAINT.

Immediately after use all tools and mixing equipment should be cleaned with White Spirit

ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND must be stored in cool, well-ventilated, dry conditions away from direct sunlight, naked flames or other sources of ignition. This product will have a 24 month shelf life when stored in these conditions in original unopened containers.

ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND contains petroleum bitumens and solvent and is classified as flammable. Avoid skin or eye contact. Please refer to the relevant Health and Safety Data Sheet for detailed information regarding the safe handling of this product.

We endeavour to ensure that any advice, recommendation or information we may give in product literature is accurate and correct. However, we have no control over the circumstances in which our product is used and it is therefore important that the end user satisfy himself by prior testing that the product is suitable for his specific application and that the actual conditions of use are suitable. Accordingly, no responsibility can be accepted, or any warranty given by ourselves, our representatives, agents or distributors, other than that the product as supplied by us will meet our written specification. Products are sold subject to our standard conditions of sale and each purchaser and end user should at all times ensure that he has consulted our latest product instructions and safety information.

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