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Sbr Bonding Agent

25 Litre Sbr Bonding Agent

25 Litre Sbr Bonding Agent

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SBR bonding agent
is a styrene butadiene co-polymer emulsion for use as a primer; bonding agent and sealer formulated to improve, adhesion
strength and long -term durability of the bond between the adhesive and any surface substrate. It is a safe to use and can be applied to a wide range of
building materials including applications where contact with water is likely . sbr waterproof bonding agent when mixed as a slurry mixed with neat cement and can readily be incorporated into mixes of sand cement screeds, plasters and renders, giving a water reducing and plasticising effect, as well as improving wettack and adhesion of the render to the existing base masonry.

SBR is an excellent primer for porous surfaces such as gypsum plaster, old / worn concrete; sand cement screeds and render by reducing porosity, surface dusting
and improving initial tack so that subsequently applied adhesives, renders or screeds can achieve a secure and lasting key with the base substrate
NJL-Bond SBR - Technical Data
Product Description - Composition
NJL Bond SBR is a liquid, water based styrene butadiene polymer latex with high bonding characteristics. It is stable under wet conditions forming a reinforcing polymer matrix within cementitious mixes.
Bonding to new to old concrete, repairing concrete, flooring mixes for screeding and patching, waterproof renders to tanks, filling/injection grouts, tiling and setting mortars to ANSI standards.
Appearance - Milky white viscous liquid.
Specific Gravity 1.02 at 20C
Particle size - nominal 0.20 microns
In service details depend to a great extent on the mix design and polymer content. It is generally noted that at fairly dry consistencies, mixes containing higher amounts of NJL Bond SBR show increased flexural tensile and adhesive strengths.
1. Dramatically improves the adhesion/bonding of cementitious mixes.
2. Effective plasticiser giving increased workability and cohesion. Also allows reduction in water content to improve durability and strength without loss of workability.
3. Reduces shrinkage and cracking in repair and screeding mixes. Good freeze/thaw resistance
4. Excellent waterproofing admixture in cementitious mixes.
Instructions for Use
NJL-Bond SBR may be added directly to the mixer or added mixed with the gauging water. The gauging water should be reduced accordingly to meet the required consistency. NJL-Bond SBR is added to the mix at a rate of: 140 - 280cc per 50kg of cement or 2-4 litres per 200 litre (45 gallon drum) of water. (The coarser the sand the greater the rate of addition required.)
NJL-Bond SBR is compatible with other admixtures but must not be mixed with them before use, but added separately to the mixer. It may well be used with all types of Portland cement including sulphate-resisting. Storage
Shelf life is limited only by the life of the container, in the case of open plastic containers unlimited, in the case of tinplate or steel 2 - 3 years dependent on storage. The product should not be allowed to freeze, but should freezing occur, the material should be reconstituted by stirring.
NJL-Bond SBR is available in 25 litre

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